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Start your E-Commerce Journey in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to embrace modernization & digitization at a remarkable pace by opening to businesses & encouraging development. This has resulted in a spike in consumer demand for digital commerce. Ecommerce was always booming in the Kingdom thanks to its Vision 2030, but it has witnessed a surge in demand with the Covid-19 Pandemic which has accelerated digital transformation. This has accustomed the population to online purchasing.

In a recent survey by Kearney Middle East, 69% of respondents from Saudi Arabia confirmed that they will continue to shop online after the pandemic. Moreover, a study from Boston Consulting Group & Meta Platforms states that eCommerce will hit $13 Billion by 2025. Saudi Arabia possesses great potential in becoming a global leader in the field of eCommerce especially with their efforts in improving logistics, online transactions, branding, omnichannel support and localization. Hence, there has never been a better time to start an eCommerce business. Stick to the end, we have a big surprise for you !

It is common to find that eCommerce experts have a wide range of skill sets and expertise needed to carry out their day to day operations. In order to run an eCommerce business, you need to have some level of understanding in marketing, product research, supply chain, accounting, product management, web design, content creation, sales & data analytics. Do not let this overwhelm you, let it spark your excitement to start.

When launching an eCommerce business, there are 6 drivers to consider when planning. The 6 factors are product, brand, marketing, conversion, operation, and fulfilment. Each of these pillars play a vital role in the success of the online business.

Product: Choosing a product line or range that is high in demand, easily attainable & profitable. The product can be a physical good, service, digital or drop shipped product.

Brand: Creating the content that will communicate the story of the business that will captivate the targeted audience.

Marketing: Communicating the story & product to the target consumer through acquisition and retention channels.

Conversions: Converting the website traffic into sales.

Operations: Managing the eCommerce platform and technologies to adapt to the change in trends & customer’s needs.

Fulfilment: Managing the post-order processes that guarantee the product reaches the customer successfully with outmost satisfaction. These processes include inventory management, order processing, picking & packing, shipping and customer service.

To learn more & start your eCommerce business now, Download this All-in-1 FREE Guide eBook that will take you through using the 6 pillars in great detail to launch a successful eCommerce business in Saudi Arabia. This ebook is full of rich content & years of expertise summarized into a guide that will help you launch your first successful eCommerce business in Saudi Arabia.

Table of Contents:

  1. E-Commerce Overview

  2. Product Research

  3. Idea Evaluation

  4. Branding

  5. CMS Technology

  6. Website Design

  7. Payment Methods

  8. Fulfillment

  9. First-Customer Acquisition

  10. Key Performance Indicators

  11. Tips & Tricks

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