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Speech is Progress

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

"To speak is to deliver more than a message, but progress."

The language and words we use to build and construct the civilizations we prosper in go beyond a simple "hello."

The way you talk and express your ideas instills passion, compassion, understanding, and problem-solving. It is easy to tell a friend if they look great but much harder to show them that you mean it. To show meaning through speech, you need to understand the way people think and how their thoughts are processed. Through eye contact, hand gestures, tone of voice, and content. There exist multiple factors you acknowledge and implement in how you portray your message. Whether it is a goal, a request, negotiation, or a conversation, the premise of speech never changes. And when the receivers of your message begin to increase in numbers, so does the depth in understanding. The people require what you bring, and they might not know it. They might want something so badly that it could lead them to their destruction.

At the point where leaders are born, people see a goal and rally the crowd behind them. With their heads high with a silver tongue, the capability of cultivating ambition and progress with their vision is within their grasp.

Those who understand the significance of speech know the power that comes with it. This power has been taught and utilized for eons with no decay in strength. It exists within everyone and becomes a realization to individuals through an idea, hardships, and perseverance. And it starts with a choice that a human being wants to achieve their higher calling. Fear is only an obstacle against opportunities that carry no danger.

"How can I start?" many might ask.

First, you have to dress right, get semi-casual shirts and trousers. Not some T-shirt with star wars (even though we all love star wars.) Next, look at how you smile and the way you make eye contact. Learn to focus on their eye color when conversing with someone and not look away when you feel anxious about it. Show you can hold your ground in a conversation and not take comfort by looking at the ceiling.

Finally, you better start being a great actor. The first thing you want to do is make people know what you're talking about, go read up on topics people discuss. Show your understanding and prowess in gaining knowledge. Once you do, it is time to turn that knowledge into wisdom. Converse with people to transform your knowledge into a system of social networking. Approach people have a strong introduction, crack some jokes, and by the end of the day you can soak up whatever experiences the world gives you and convert it into progress.

And where is the perfect place to become this embodiment of progress? A head-strong organization called KFUPM Toastmasters

Take the first step and attend your nearest Toastmaster club, sign up and start your path to Glory.

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