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Updated: Feb 4

As many people would know, productivity is a word derived from its meaning as the measure of output per unit of input. It was mainly used as a way in factories to measure how much of a product they’re producing during the beginning of the industrial era.

Nowadays, the word productivity has shifted its meaning from being primarily tied with physically producing products, to a term used to reflect “doing work”. However, with rising dependence on technology usage at work, people started using the term productivity as a way to get more done.This does not come without some issues. The term productivity started becoming a measure of someone’s ability to succeed at their work, whether they’re working independently or within an organization, which could result in a person becoming less productive.

So how does one become productive without compromising or being at risk of burn-out? Whether you need to be productive for a personal project or getting some of your work done, one must keep in mind that motivation, as much as it is useful, can be more hurtful than you might think, especially if you depend on it to get started. We all have those waves of motivation that hit us at 2 in the morning that make us jump out of bed and begin working. Motivation is a good way to start something, but it should not by any means by the driving force.

If you wait to be motivated to start working, then you’re going to have a really hard time getting anything done. We should not succumb to the curse of motivation, as that is a quick way to start falling behind.

The correct way to use motivation is as a kick start or an ignition, but it cannot substitute for fuel to keep you going. So how can one keep going you might ask…

The key to being productive is to be organized and consistent with your work. Whenever you are working on something, it is very crucial to stay organized with your work and that you’re managing your time properly. Nothing kills productivity more than someone being “all over the place” with their work. Make sure you’re working on one thing at a time, and not multi-tasking. Staying focused on one task is how you get done with it. If you’re trying to get two or more things done at once, you will most probably either not be able to finish any of them or do a really poor job at all of them.

So your best bet is to stay organized, focus on one thing at a time, and make sure you break down your task and make a plan of action. Knowing what you have ahead of you is going to lower work anxiety and help you with actually finishing your work.

Most of the time, people look for ways to become more productive, and there are a lot of answers out there. Some would suggest time management, or to try working in a distraction-free workspace. Even though these are brilliant ways to become more productive, but to become more productive, you have to be productive in the first place, you have to do the work. Start working. Just do it.

It is very normal for someone to feel overwhelmed with the amount of work that lies ahead of them, and there is nothing shameful about it. Starting to work on someone on its own will push you to keep going and continue working, but there are a few things one might want to consider to avoid slacking or falling behind. Failures, and Perfectionism. Doing the work does not mean that it has to be perfectly done the first time around (of course this does not go for everything, but it does for most things). Being a perfectionist myself, I struggled a lot with working, as it will slow me down. It is okay for us to make mistakes because that is how we learn.

Being productive is not about how you do your work. It is about actually doing it. We might face some hurdles along the way, but it is most important to know that to get to where we need to be, we need to put in the effort and do the work.

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