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Empower your Business through Professional Photography

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is a common quote that rings a bell. However, what is the worth of professionally shot picture to a business? Over 55% of the population is consuming content on social media platforms and approximately 70% of marketers are heavily invested in content marketing. Moreover, 65% of the population are visual learners, meaning that they prefer visually appealing illustrated content rather than text. These numbers are only going to grow. They strongly indicate the insane value that quality content adds to a business & its necessity in its growth. It’s become vital to have a digital strategy that incorporates highly engaging & captivating photo & video content that communicates a message or story to its targeted audience. People have become more accustomed to visual means of communication. Moreover, the utilization of quality images & videos in a digital strategy helps create an emotional connection between the business & viewer.

Having a consistent flow of quality photo & video content has become a vital asset to successful business. Quality content guarantees a great first impression & welcomes newcomers to stay. In fact, in the first 0.05 seconds of users visiting a website, they would have already determined whether they’ll want to stay or leave. Thus, the first thing a viewer’s eye lands on is an image, so guarantee that it engage them to click, discover & convert! Businesses utilize professionally shot images & videos to dictate how their brand identity is perceived by an audience & increase the chance of a potential customers becoming a loyal customer. In addition to the professionally produced media, businesses have a good story, better strategy, and audience targeting to maximize its effectiveness. For example, 85% of marketing experts rate short form videos as the most effective social media content. Hence, it’s become a trend to invest in short 10-30 second vertical videos that are more targeted towards viral marketing on platforms such as Tik Tok, Snapchat & Instagram Reels.

A major mistake individuals initially make is thinking that anyone can take professional photos. However, nothing beats the high-quality produced images shot by professional photographers. They have the years of experience and flagship gear to create tailored high-quality images to be used in various ways. All competition is online, hence custom shot high-quality content makes one truly stand out from the crowd and gives the viewer a sense of uniqueness & professionalism. The way product, corporate or event photographs are taken and used on social media set the tone of how a story is told and the quality of the product or service offered. In fact, 75% of online shoppers rely on the product photographs when deciding whether to make a purchase or not. It's amazing how simply tweaking the images of product pages can majorly increase conversions for an eCommerce store.

Videos are powerful in delivering messages, building engagement, and increasing conversions. They are a great mean of communication to inform viewers on products or services, announcements, testimonials, company values, and tutorials. People tend to search for videos on businesses or products before and more importantly after purchasing them. This increases customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and increases the chance for them to return to purchase again.

There are multiple things to consider when taking professional images or videos:

  • Understanding the Brand

  • Brainstorm ideas based on day-to-day activities or in the form of a story

  • Clearly indicate what makes the brand unique

  • Use colors and positioning to give off the right vibe

  • Capture footage of moving subjects

  • Capture authentic face reactions & moments

  • Use natural lighting to give a real-life look

  • Highlight key points of the message & emotion in Post-Production editing

Digital assets are strategically used in advertisements, marketing campaigns, social media, reports, eCommerce, newsletters, blogs, and websites, just to name a few. They can be shared across multiple platforms and targeted at multiple audiences. However, the objective of their uses differ. In other words, businesses use the content to obtain different outcomes based on their goals. For example, digital assets can be used to drive traffic to a platform, bring awareness to a brand or product, or increase sales & conversions. Professional photographers & videographers play with the angles, colors, timing, and lighting to frame the image in a way it .

Professional photographers can work on a project or package bases. Partnering with one can be cost effective in the long run especially if they charge on a monthly basis to create constant content. More importantly, they can be flexible and convenient based on the nature of the project primarily because they are currently focused on satisfying the demands of their primary client rather than their multiple small clients at a time. The biggest advantage of having a professional photographer in ones arsenal, is they take the time to fully understand the brand & its people to identify a whole new world of opportunity they could provide through stunning imagery. The use of these professionally shot images on social media, websites, reports & marketing campaigns sparks awareness of brands professionalism and products high-quality. High-quality images are what make it easier for the viewers mind to remember, recall and not instantly forget.

People should consider investing in a professional photographer or content creator if they truly want to invest in the growth of their business and watch it succeed. Don’t miss out on opportunities and book now!

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